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This site will hopefully be a guide and a communication center for the APES class this year.  There will not only be resources that you will need all year long (at the sidebar on the left), but also unit guides which will contain the bulk of your assignments and readings (see tabs above).  I will utilize the calendar and turn-it-in functions of Edmodo since it does that so well, but this site will handle the rest.
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Anticipated Outline for Friedland and Relyea:

I. Introduction ch. 1,2
II. Energy Resources ch. 12-13
III. Pollution: Water, air waste ch. 14,15,16, 17
IV. Ecology  ch. 3,4,5
V. Polpulation ch. 6,7
VI.Resources ch. 8,9
VII. Land use ch.10,11
VII. Global Change ch. 18, 19, 20
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