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Article Assignment

 Name  Research the following topics and present to the class
Alaina  Peak oil - go here
 Carina  Tell us about - Coal to Gas
 Kelsey  What's going on with wind?  Tell us about it.
 Naiya  The big oil fields
 Harwin  Is oil renewable?  Tell us all about this theory.
 Trish  How much coal do we really have?
 Javier  Solar - The latest news
 James  Black Soot - Why is it so bad?
 Larissa  Why coal can be extra bad.  Tell us about it.
 Kirsten  Haliburton drills at Gahwar - click here (Tell us about Dick Cheney's company's latest spoils of war.
 Lauren  Clean Coal technology - What is it?  Can it work?
 Emily  Tell us more more about Gahwar.
 Reed Tell us about the power gid