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F&R - Ch. 12 Outline

1. All vocabulary terms in bold.
2. Identify a few of the risks associated with each of the major fossil fuels (coal, gas, and oil).
3. How do energy use patterns vary between the US and the world?
4. Energy efficiency and "energy return on energy investment."
5 Trends in recent energy efficiency data for cars and trucks in the US
6. Electricity generation - power plants, efficiency, cogeneration
7. Coal - pro vs con, 4 steps to make coal, how many years of it is left
8. Oil - pro vs con
9. How is oil formed (geologically)?
10. Explain significance of ANWR.
11. Natural Gas - pros vs cons
12. Oils sands and liquefied coal - what are they and what are obstacles to using them?
13. Explain the Hubbert Curve and the concept of peak oil.
14. Explain a fission reaction and the basics of nuclear reactor operations.
15. Nuclear power:  pros vs cons
16. Key Ideas (p.339)