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... and Pests, and Risk


 Week 1

Classwork                                           Homework

 For Wednesday 12/9/09 - As per the instructions for article analysis, read one of the articles in the most recent tweet on the main page of this website and then write an analysis of the article.  They are both food related.  If you finish this I strongly suggest you work on your homework for Ch. 14.  Ch. 14 (food resources) HW - This is one of the longest HW assignments, but it is one of the meatiest (pardon the pun) and one of the most important.  There are so many potential AP Test questions here.  Pace yourself (do ten questions per night) otherwaise you'll be overwhelmed, and really read the questions.  Answer with understanding.
 Watch "The Story of Cap and Trade" by the people who brought you "The story of Stuff"  
 GM Foods Assignment  
 TED - Eat Insects to Feed the World  Bill Moyers - Rachel Carson
 Investment Game  
 HOTLIX - edible insects  
 The King of Sushi  
 The Meatrix  
 Store Wars  
   Chapter 19 Homework do all questions except those that are in bold.
 Case Study - Allergies and Global Warming  Polio Video (PBS American Experience)
 Chemicals the Environment and You  Toxicity Reading
 Out of the wild Video (Frontline) - African diseases and connection to wildlife  

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