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Sem. 1

Chapter 1  Go here and calculate your footprint and record your data in the Blog
   Outline Chapter 1 (due 9-12-08)
   Ecological Footprint Lab
  Tragedy of the Commons Game
 Chapter 2
 9-17-08 - Chapter 2 Timeline (due 9-22-08)
 Chapter 3
 Outline Chapter 3
  Chapter 4  Outline Chapter 4
   Wind Webquest
   NPP Calculations
   Eating at a lower trophic level

Food Web Assignment
 Chapter 5  Parking Lot Biodiversity Lab
   Evolution Lab
  Owl Pellet Lab
   Capture-recapture woksheet
 Chapter 6 Biome Presentations
  Chapter 6 Glossary and summary questions
  Invasive Species Poster
  El nino el nono
  Cilimatograms (raw file)
  Natural Capital Degradation
 Chapter 20  Climate change Blog
  Clean  Air Act Webquest 
   Chap 20 Outline
   Acid rain lab
 Chapter 21  Play the Global Warming Lab
   CO2 Lab and CO2 Data
  Habitable Planet - Go here and watch all of the animations and videos at the top half of the page.  Then take all of the diagrams on the bottom of the page and construct a power point presentation from them.  Include descriptions of each graphic on the side of each slide.
  Habitable Planet - Carbon Lab (worksheet)
   Chapter 21 glossary and study questions
 Chapter 7
Beach Erosion Webquest
  Coral Reef webquest
 Chapter 15  Water Diversions Webquest
   Home water survey
   Water loss drop by drop
 Chapter 22  Water Treatment Animation
   Erin Brockovich worksheet

Assignments For the Entire Year:

Article Assignments Directions
Investment Game
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