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  • Go to Kapital and set up a portfolio of environmental company stock.  You must purchase 5-10 stocks or funds.
  • You must spend all of your $100K cash (task #1) in the Game by 3-5-10.  Additionally, you must write a short rationalization for picking each stock and how it relates to this class.
  • Your company summaries (task #2) are due Wednesday (3-9-10).  You must post them hereYour next task (#3) will be to prepare a status report.  In the same Blog page I would like you to tell me if you have made any changes to your portfoilio and why.  I would also like you to describe the state of the market as well as the state of the Sectors in which you've invested (solar oil, etc.)

Investopedia Game Rules

The Premise: This game is an internet-based simulation that develops an understanding of financial markets while mirroring these markets with real time and real value data.  You will develop a virtual on-line portfolio of environmental (only) company stocks following the rules of the www.investopedia.com stock simulation game.  Rules in this game are very specific about what can be sold and when.  Stock purchases and sales are based on real values from the exchanges and portfolio summaries are maintained in real time.  This project is an excellent introduction to the stock market as well as a good way to become familiar with the type of companies who are making or losing money in the environmental world.  You must buy at least five (5) stocks for your portfolio.

Task #1:  You must spend all of your $100,000 by the first target date.  Don’t forget that you will be charged a trading fee every time you make a trade (sell or buy).  You task is to buy only stock that is traded on the NYSE or the NASDAQ.  Stocks must also be purchased from companies that have an environmental interest.  In other words, a company that builds wind power equipment is fair game, but Cisco is not.  I will have final approval on any questionable stocks/companies.   (10 points)

Task #2: You must write a summary paragraph for each of the stocks you have purchased.  These paragraphs must include a few sentences that explain why you picked the stock to put your money into.  Be sure to include any information regarding recent earnings statements, mergers, industry news, or company news.  You can find this information easily by using googles finance pages. (10 points)

Task #3:  You must maintain your portfolio.  Check it often – at least a few times a week.  Make adjustments.  If you profit from an increase in value of one stock, consider taking those profits and reinvesting in more of that stock or another.  If a stock did not perform as well as you may have liked consider selling it.  But remember, what Warren Buffet said:  “Investors should remember that excitement and expenses are their enemies. And if they insist on trying to time their participation in equities, they should try to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”  In other words, buy when the time is right (now) but don't panic and sell too soon.  (5 points)

Task #4:  Prepare a short oral presentation on your investment strategy and present it to the class along with a summary of the performance of your portfolio.  Summarize which stocks and or sectors/industries outperformed the others.  (10 points)

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