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Species Report Assignment

Invasive, Keystone, Indicator, Extinct, Endangered, and Threatened Species Project

modified: Nancy Nicholls Endangered Species Project



1.      Choose six different species – one from each of the following categories: Endangered, Extinct, Indicator, Invasive, Keystone, and Threatened

2.      One must be native to California

3.      One must be native to the US

4.      One must be global

5.      One must be a plant
6.   You must select your own (no repeats) endangered, threatened, extinct and invasive species.  Post your requested species under the assignment in Edmodo to claim them as yours.


Write a page for each species that contains the following:

1.      Background information about the species

2.      Identifying characteristics

3.      Reasons for their status

4.      Solutions/ successes/ possible courses of action for protection or removal

5.      Display pictures of each species

6.      A map of the native habitat and/or current distribution of the species