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beach erosion webquest

Go to http://whyfiles.org/091beach/index.html  and answer the following questions based on the information provided.  You may e-mail your answers to my g-mail account or submit it handwritten. 
    1. What problem did the Cape Hatteras lighthouse have?  
    2. List the problems that coastal erosion causes. 
    3. What causes beaches to move?
    4. What is a barrier beach?
    5. What is beneficial about glacial landform erosion?
    6. List four things cause beach-erosion at the coast?
    7. What does global warming have to do with coastal erosion?
    8. What are four examples of places with extensive coastal erosion problems?
    9. How does the speed of geologic change caused by beach erosion compare with the speed of geologic change caused by continental drift?
    10. What are three sources of sand for beaches?
    11. How does a beach protect the coast?
    12. What is the drawback of seawalls?
    13. What seems to be the best solution to coastal erosion?  Why?
    14. What is the cause of increased global warming?
    15. What are three possible consequences of global warming?
    16. A lot of people are worried about the effects of global warming on the level of the oceans. Current research suggests relative stability of the ocean level. Why?