Sem. 2

 Chap 8
 EO Wilson Discussion- listen to this at home or download it to your ipod, and then blog write 5 things Mr. Wilson says about the following topics:  The legacy of Rachel Carson; The threats to biodiversity based on global climate change; and Mr. Wilson's career in biological studies.  Email your responses to me or post them on the Blog here
 Chap 9
Succession Activity (EC)
 Chap 10
Population map presentation - GO here to obtain images of (as well as research) 9 global maps pertaining to issues in Chap 10 (e.g. population) into powerpoint slides to create a population slide show.  Final slideshow must also have information on each slide
 Chap 14  Agriculture Assignment
   Genetically Modified Foods
 Energy  Energy Primer
 Risk  Polio vaccine video
   3rd World Sewage podcast
 4th MP  Study Card Project
 Practice Tests (MC and FRQs)
   Bring 5 study questions (things you don't understand and need further explanation) each day for discussion with the class.
   Google Earth Project


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