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3rd world sewage podcast

Ninety percent of the developing world's sewage is dumped - untreated - into oceans, rivers and lakes. Inadequate sanitation kills more people in developing nations than AIDS, tuberculosis, or malaria. In her book, "The Big Necessity," journalist ROSE GEORGE argues that the way a society disposes of its sewage tells you a lot about its economy, politics and religion.
Listen to the podcast at and answer the following questions:

1.       What is the biggest issue with water?

 2.       What is the history of sewage treatment in London?

a.       What do London’s flushers do?

 b.      What is a “cesspool” in 17th century London?

                                                                  i.      Where were they?

                                                                ii.      What was the long term problem with “cesspools”

 3.       What was the solution to the great stink? Cholera epidemic?

  a.       What 2 consumer products came from this time period?

 4.       What happens to human waste in the states?

a.       What are biosolids?

 b.      Why is the “waste” sometimes an ironic term?

 5.       What % of the developing world’s sewage enters the “commons”

 6.       Why might Chinese agriculture and Chinese land fertility be maintained for 2000 years?

 7.       Why is a biogas digester? How does it work? How is it used?