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Agriculture Reading

Read the passages on Agriculture and answer the following questions.

1)      Malthus said, "Man is necessarily confined in room," Malthus argued. "When acre has been added to acre till all fertile land is occupied, the yearly increase of food must depend upon the melioration of the land already in possession. This is a fund; which, from the nature of all soils, instead of increasing must gradually be decreasing.”  What did he mean by this and was he right, why/why not?

2)      What are some of the environmental problems associated with large scale agriculture?

3)      Why is agriculture intensification a problem?

4)      Explain photosynthesis.  Where does all the water go that a plant takes into its roots?

5)      Give a brief history of fertilizer.

6)      Explain how farmers have produced larger yields in recent years.

7)      Explain the Green Revolution.

8)      Explain what monocultures are and give some pros and cons.

9)      What is so bad about DDT?  Be specific.

10)   Explain Integrated Pest Management.

11)   Identify some problems associated with confining livestock indoors or in stockyards.

12)   Identify some pros and cons of GM foods.