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GM Foods Assnmt

Genetically Modified Foods
“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.”
Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park


PART I - Engineer a Crop:

Selective Breeding -

1)     Describe the process by which farmers can engineer a crop through selective breeding.

 Transgenic Manipulation -

1)     What is a transgenic plant?

 2)    Why is the gene from the bacterium Bt being incorporated into the plant in this simulation?

 3)    What is the purpose of the vector?

 4)    Besides the Bt gene what other genes were added to our plant? For what purpose?

 5)    Why is the vector transferred into the Agrobacterium?

 6)    What specifically happens to the bacteria in the growth medium?

 7)    Why is the tomato plant leaf added to the bacteria’s growth medium?

 8)    What happens in the growth medium for plant cells?

 9)    Why is the herbicide sprayed on the plant cells?

 10) What should be the result when the transgenic plant is tested?


PART II – Guess What’s Coming to Dinner?

Work through the following website and at least identify three genetically modified organisms that are in development and the reason for their development.










Part III - Should We Grow Genetically Modified Crops?

Read through the introduction to the exercise on the following website - Spend some time working through the arguments on the website and based on the arguments determine your own opinion on the subject of genetically modified crops. When you’ve formed that opinion prepare an argument for your point and be prepared to share that argument with the class. The argument does not need to be in paragraph form however your ideas must be clear enough that I know that you know and can defend your point of view thoroughly.  You need to reference at least two sources in addition to this website (There are LOADS of website for both sides, many of them are linked from this site.)


Use the following statements to help you thoroughly prepare your argument (answers will obviously vary depending on which argument you choose to defend):


All the arguments for allowing/against the use of genetically modified foods.


The potential risks/benefits of genetically modified foods (depending on which argument you choose to defend)


What plants or foods have been allowed/banned in which countries, and why.


How these foods are different/ the same, as other products currently being sold.


Whether foods should be allowed if they are labeled, and why.